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by on 10/05/2011

Meditation for peace is not a new idea. Scratch through the Scriptures and you will see plenty references. What’s new is that we can do something practical that is proven to work. You may not believe it it – but that’s not the point.

There are some 50 studies, of which more than 20 pass all the tests for scientific credibility: replicable, published in a peer-reviewed journal, credible theory base, and triangulation with anecdotal observation, ancient and modern.

I don’t care what your religious or non-religious background is. That’s your business. The fact is that a particular meditation,  Transcendental Meditation actually produces an influence of peace. Its a scientific fact. Get used to the idea.

Here is a current press release. I’m publishing it in full. It’s not easy reading, but it’s really worth the effort. Utterly amazing.


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Are conflicts in the Middle East and disasters in Japan preventable?
Technologies of the ancient Vedic science of consciousness can reduce violence in society, imbalances in nature.

As predicted nearly 5 years ago, a large group of meditation experts in Iowa 
produces dramatic fall in US violent crime rates, number of destructive hurricanes.

“I invite all well-wishers of peace to fully investigate the scientific principles and the research which underlie these technologies and then, if your questions are answered, to partner with us in promoting a world of permanent peace.”  —Dr. John Hagelin.

What do conflicts in the Middle East and natural disasters in Japan have in common?

Very little on the surface of things—one is man-made, the other nature-made.

But a closer analysis of the mechanics of how nature functions at the deepest levels from the perspective of the ancient Vedic science of consciousness, which is corroborated by discoveries in modern physics and neuroscience, reveals an underlying cause: the build up of acute stress in the collective consciousness of societies, which fuels violence in the actions of man and imbalance in the events of nature.

Vedic science also offers a way to prevent these destructive, costly, and seemingly unavoidable conflicts and calamities.

“Vedic science as brought to light by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is a complete science of consciousness—a complete science of the unified field—which provides the knowledge and technologies to predict, prevent, and neutralize man-made and nature-made disasters,” said Dr. John Hagelin, a world-renowned quantum physicist and executive director of the International Center for Invincible Defense. “These technologies include Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques, including Yogic Flying, which create a powerful influence of coherence in collective consciousness, reducing built-up stress in the life of the people and restoring balance in nature,” he said.

Dr. Hagelin acknowledged that the approach may seem naïve to people who do not fully understand the power of these Vedic technologies.

On the contrary, says Dr. Hagelin, pointing, as an example, to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East and elsewhere: “In fact, it is naïve to believe the military is a sustainable approach to safeguarding the nation: Scientific advances have made it possible for even small countries or small groups of individuals to threaten the security of entire nations. Conventional means of defense are increasingly irrelevant. With the rise of terrorism, and biological and chemical weapons, it is more crucial than ever that we do everything in our power to prevent the outbreak of war.”

Dr. Hagelin explained that military interventions and negotiated treaties fail to address the underlying cause of violence. “The only way to prevent war is to neutralize the high levels of racial, ethnic and religious tensions that underlie social conflict.”

Dr. Hagelin said extensive research published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals, including Yale’s Journal of Conflict Resolution, has shown that even a small number of people (as little as a few hundred to a few thousand experts) in a country practicing these technologies together dramatically reduces crime, violence, and conflict.

Invincible America Assembly fulfills predictions

As evidence, Dr. Hagelin pointed to the results of the Invincible America Assembly, which was launched nearly five years ago by Maharishi on July 23, 2006, at Maharishi University of Management and Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, with nearly 2,000 experts participating in the Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying program.

“As predicted in advance, there has been a dramatic and sustained decrease in violent crime in the United States since the Assembly began. In fact, the number of murders is now the lowest in four decades, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports,” Dr. Hagelin said.

Drawing upon principles in physics, Dr. Hagelin explained how such groups create the equivalent of a “Meissner Effect”—an indomitable influence of coherence, which neutralizes negative influences from inside or from outside the nation. “These groups will create a true defense shield—an invincible defense against any threat of military aggression,” he said.

Large group meditations reduce violence in nature

Dr. Hagelin said that Vedic science also predicts these groups will promote greater balance and less violence in nature, and cited the dramatic decline in the number of destructive hurricanes and tropical storms hitting the U.S. since the start of the Assembly. In fact, according to the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University, the last major hurricane (Category 3 or above) to hit the U.S. was one year prior to the Assembly in 2005.

In principle, even minute changes in people’s behavior 
can precipitate—or prevent—a hurricane
Dr. Hagelin explained the scientific connection between group meditation and hurricanes: “The ‘non-linear partial differential equations’ governing the weather obey the characteristics of chaos theory. As a consequence, weather patterns are sensitive to infinitesimal changes in initial conditions—a phenomenon popularly known as the ‘Butterfly Effect.’ In principle, even minute changes in people’s behavior can precipitate—or prevent—a hurricane. The Invincible America Assembly is raising the quality of collective consciousness—and behavior throughout society—to be more harmonious, more life supporting. And nature is responding more positively. ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’ is now becoming a scientific phenomenon.”
Vedic technologies can predict and prevent natural disasters.

Beyond positively impacting weather patterns, Vedic science offers additional powerful technologies, including “Jyotish” and “Yagya,” to predict and prevent other natural disasters, including the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan.

“Despite the most sophisticated early warning systems in Japan, no one saw the earthquake or tsunami coming—an unimaginable disaster that has already cost more than 10,000 lives, an estimated $300 billion in financial resources—and created volatility in the global economy,” said Dr. Hagelin. “At the same time, the cost of the wars in the Middle East has surpassed one trillion dollars—and now with warfare spreading to Libya and beyond, there is no end in sight. For less than the cost of the US military engagements in the Middle East conflicts for a single day, we can demonstrate to even the most critical thinker the power of these technologies to predict and prevent violence—manmade and nature-made—in any country or population.”

Dr. Hagelin said that the International Center for Invincible Defense is not waiting for governments to provide support to implement these technologies on a global scale. Instead, he said, his Center is partnering with the Maharishi World Capital of Peace in the geographical center of India and with Maharishi University of Management in Iowa, in the United States, to establish large groups of more than 8,000 advanced meditation experts to help create peace in the world and balance in nature.
Partner with us to ensure a legacy of peace.

To facilitate the rapid establishment of these groups, Dr. Hagelin invites all “wise well-wishers of humanity” to investigate thoroughly the scientific principles and research which underlie and support these technologies. “And if you are convinced, after a rigorous review, that this approach offers the possibility for peace, then I invite you to partner with us to create the large groups of meditating experts needed to help create something entirely unprecedented in recorded history: a world free from the destructive power of man-made and nature-made disasters,” Dr. Hagelin said.

For more information, please contact Bob Roth at +1-202-251-7014 or

A lot of hooey? I don’t think so. And anyway, what do you propose as an alternative?

What do YOU think?

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Alex Anderson May 11, 2014 at 7:31 pm

As doctor John Hagelin and many others involved in TM and its advanced techniques have frequently expressed in their lectures, fortunately, today there is a technology for peace and it’s group practice of TM. If I’m not wrong, according to Dr. Hagelin, a group of 8,000 TM practitioners would be enough to create world peace and for creating such a group only one billion dollars is required which is a fraction of a modern bomber.
If I had this amount of money, I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute and would definitely dedicate it to this purpose.
Thank you very much Dr. Broome for your great article.
Keep up the good work! :-)


Richard Broome May 11, 2014 at 7:44 pm

Thanks so much Alex (and Mark) for your engagement and care. We are going to do it! The time has come.


Mark May 11, 2014 at 4:13 pm

This gives me hope for changing all of the things that we currently (and unnecessarily) reserve violence for. I feel like a voice in the dark when I talk of getting to the root of an issue. People have been guided to believe answers lie in attacking our enemies. Answer for cancer? Obviously its got to be some kind of weapon. It couldn’t be as easy as lifestyle (stress), and dietary changes.
To read this about the ability to affect the planet through our collective consciousness gives me renewed faith and hope that not only CAN something be done, but people ARE doing it and I can help too. I’m glad you put together large nodes of meditation for this effort. I shall continue to meditate through action in my every day; sending my gratitude, feelings of peace, and humility out into our consciousness. I will live a life as close to right as I can, where I am. I will teach people by not trying to teach people at all. I will live my life as an example of how humans can treat each other, and how we can overcome our petty desires and differences to come together in peace and love. We really don’t have to kill each other at all. Smiles, no scowls.


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